Thursday, June 26, 2008

Why This Blog?

Welcome to the inaugural post of Aloke Bhandia's blog.

I have been an active reader of and contributor to various blogs over the years. I have thought about starting my own blog for a while. Finally, this is my humble beginning. Ideas pop up as we go through life, both professional and personal. I will make an effort to record my thoughts in these pages. Due to my years of dabbling in various enterprise software, invariably there will be ideas around enterprise software business processes. Lately, I have been intrigued by the prospects of applying Supply Chain and Lean Manufacturing concepts to Human Capital Management, and hope to elaborate more in subsequent posts. Other areas of professional interest include building multi-company data cooperative for benchmarking and decision support, integrated strategic sourcing workflow, applying artificial intelligence techniques to classify large volumes of data (such as search results, transactional data, etc.). We are also building as a portal for supplier management knowledge repository, training, and procurement outsourcing services. There may be frequent musings on the trials and tribulations of launching such a large community website and a transaction portal.

Since we are raising two wonderful boys, occasionally, I may also stumble into parenting topics. Particularly, this summer, while boys are immersed in advanced Middle School and High Mathematics (so that they can skip ahead to the next level of math in the coming school year), I am having a lot of fun interacting with them, even though sometimes it becomes a true test of my patience.

I welcome comments from visitors of this blog.